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#1 - 2013/07/14 08:46:00 AM
Ok lots said ( me included ) that wow would never make the crossover to no never going to happen !
We now have the news that the new MMO Elder Scrolls online will be available near launch for the PS4.
Blizzard it seems now feel at home with Sony after the Diablo port, does all this mean that NEVER now turns into maybe ? would wow need to cross the line to full F2P first ? or could they run wow console like the Asian servers.
One thing I'm 100% sure about is that Titan will launch on both PC and console !
starting to think this along with changing it into a F2P model is part of the reasons for the big delay.
It's been stated in the past ( think it was the PS2 ) a console works with a fitted KB and mouse.
Was unsure in the past about a wow port to console....
Still only a dream, but lets think about on a new console, no need to worry about all the specs....just a 2013 version with all the graphic updates you could think of

hmmm makes the mouth water.......oh well we can all dream

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#21 - 2013/07/14 12:13:00 PM

As some of you have mentioned the previous thread was locked as it derailed from the point bought up in the original post.

To stop this also being locked I have removed the posts that were not related to the discussion at hand but merely talking about the likelihood of derailment, please keep replies on topic and the thread can remain open.

Thank you.