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#1 - 2013/07/13 06:10:00 PM
Hi everyone!

So in my time of playing wow i have met a bunch of really awesome people and some of them is the reason i play Mist of Pandaria at all. About a week ago i left my homeland, Denmark, to visit some of these friends even though i planned my retirement from this game. So here i am, among awesome people which i proudly call my friends. We've just been to the store to buy bread and beef so we could make burgers, after that we decide to game some and "pwn some noobs in bg's" (we are pvp'ers all the way). We start up or pc's and log on, or 2 of us do, our third friend apperently got banned. I will not go into details with his name, but that was why he got a 48 hour ban. I'm staying here for 3 more days and we would like to game a some before i leave. What I (we) propose is that the suspension get delayed so that it starts tuesday and then (what ever remains of the ban) untill it ends.

I know he broke the rules and he deserves his ban, but it could be really cool of blizzard if they let us play together untill i leave.

Anyway we made a ticket about it and i hope this might catch a merciful blizzard-employe eye, so that we can enjoy the rest of my time here. And for the rest of you guys, just another story to read :)

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#28 - 2013/07/14 07:50:00 AM
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