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#1 - 2013/07/12 04:40:00 PM
About two hours ago i was flying over to Mistfall village to farm until i saw a level 1 alliance in one of the buildings.When i walked inside there was another level 1 but he was horde.The alliance guy kept drinking something then barf, about two seconds later gold would appear on the floor which i could pick up.Was he using an item?If so did the item use his gold?Also it was dropping about 70g each

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#36 - 2013/07/12 07:07:00 PM
Moneybrau costs 1000g from a rare vendor in the Brawler's Guild.

According to a comment from wowhead.
After drinking this you will get a buff for one minute and occasionally throw up piles of gold on the ground. The piles of gold can be looted by anyone nearby and usually contain 60-80 gold. You throw up about 10 times over the minute that you have the buff so you are going to be losing about 300 gold from each of these that you drink. Could be a fun roleplaying item or an interesting way to give your friends gold.

Mystery solved.

Now I've seen everything.