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#1 - 2013/07/09 06:44:00 PM

Why I want to start over? ~I have 8 level 90s, 2 level 85s and 1 level 80. (all classes). I really can't decide on what to play and I find very little fun to do on them. The one thing I've done constantly since vanilla is PvP and barely any PvE.

I have been thinking about what class to play for a while and I've come to a standstill, so now I want to start over on level 1 on my former server where I barely have anything at all. But on this character, I'm going to focus more on PvE than PvP.

Since I don't know very much about how classes works in raids, I want to play a class that is fun to play in every aspect of the game (Dungeons/Raids/Arena/Bgs).

I doubt I'll like Death Knight, Hunter or Druid, but I can reconsider if someone gives me some insight in the classes. Tank, Healer or Dps doesn't matter as long as they're fun.

I really need some recommendations, because I'm pretty lost atm.

Regards, Shínorí.

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#15 - 2013/07/10 03:18:00 PM
I usually enjoy melee classes and steer clear of casters, but the other day I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and re-rolled a Druid, opting for Balance/Resto spec, which I've never tried before (sorry to the people I was failing to heal in Statholme yesterday!). Despite a few sweaty moments while healing groups, I'm loving it!

I'm using heirlooms, but I started with the standard UI setup and that's helped to give me a somewhat fresh feeling, as has the decision to level mainly in Kalimdor instead of my usual haunts in the Eastern Kingdoms.

So my personal advice is to try a new class/spec that's a bit different from your usual choices, maybe reset the UI and quest in places you don't normally go to ^^