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#1 - 2013/07/09 01:50:00 PM
Blizzard is introducing two new mounts for PvP, one for each faction.

Vicious Warsaber Mount:
Vicious Skeletal Warhorse:

They are currently purchaseable on the PTR for a Vicious War Saddle (, but it's not entirely sure yet how this is rewarded.

We do have these two answers though:

@mumper Need more rbg mounts....said no one ever. Really hope the warhorse and nightsaber are from bgs/arena and not rbg.
@Wilhelm116 They are for a wider PVP audience.

@holinka Soooo... How do we get these mounts again?
@Deontto Win 100 3V3 arena games and 40 RBG in a season

I think both of the mounts look great, especially the Alliance one. I hope they will cause an increase in PvP activity. What do you guys think about them?

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#34 - 2013/07/10 01:37:00 PM
Understand that this is just a first implementation of us trying to add some more rewards into PvP for a wider audience of players. The number of Arena matches and RBG's that need to be won may not be final at this time and there's a chance that they can change before patch 5.4 is released.

Please continue to provide your feedback on this topic though as we would very much like to know what you think about the new mounts and their reward structure.

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#67 - 2013/07/19 11:53:00 AM
As an update to this thread, because of all the feedback we have been receiving regarding the requirements to attain the new PvP mounts we have been considering changing the "and" to an "or". This will mean that instead of having to get 100 3v3 wins and 40 RBG wins, you will only need to meet one of these quotas.

What do you all think of this possible change to the requirements for the new PvP mounts?