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#1 - 2013/07/09 07:53:00 AM
The original thread can be found here:

Just want to start by saying that I like how feral druids are looking so far in the PTR (as of 7/9/2013). And also want to thank all those that viewed and replied to the original post.

Some things that were brought up in the discussion that I would like to reply to (not specifically directed towards any individual.)

1. Cyclone being castable, on PTR in Cat form, and the buff NOT being removed.

I think this is a bug, honestly, this won't stay, the buff should go away after the Cyclone is casted.

2. "Feral damage is way out of control"

Ya, it is. I can see a possible Ravage! and Shred nerf, but the strong bleeds are here to stay. The bleeds are the core aspect of feral game-play and since 75% of the time I'm sitting there on my target waiting for more energy, we need the strong consistent bleed ticks to keep up with damage. The problem is when a Feral has full bleeds up and the "Swifty" macro is where things get "out of control."

3. People this thread is about Feral druids lets try address the concerns of of our class here. If you want to make a post about any other class/spec that you feel needs fixing, then by all means...(I brought up some other melee classes as comparison in the original thread, but I would like the actual discussion about Feral Druids.)

4. Heart of the Wild

Ya it's op, I get it, WE get it. NS is only going to be Restoration baseline ability. Now that NS is unavailable to Feral, it will be a lot less healing that we can do.

5. Hibernate should be usable on Humanoids.

No. Can you imagine this CC chain Mighty Bash, Hibernate, Cyclone? Then more cc on top of that from your teammates? Let's be reasonable now children.

6. Root Shifting

I can see how this is VERY frustrating to classes that rely on rooting and slows, but I don't really have any ideas on how to fix this without breaking the game for Resto/Boomy.

If there is anything that you would like to add or discuss about 5.4 Feral Druids please leave a
reply. I did read all of the posts from my original thread and plan to on this one as well.

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#3 - 2013/07/09 07:18:00 PM
I've extended the lock on the previous thread. Thanks!