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#1 - 2013/07/04 08:19:00 PM
Hunters have had issues with key abilities (Bestial Wrath) since the MoP Beta, which continue to be bugged on Live. We've received no fix or response to these abilities for almost a year at this point.

Hunters have pet pathing and bugs in Throne of Thunder since T15 Beta, which continue to be bugged to this day. We've received no fix or response for these issues for several months at this point.

When we create topics expressing our frustration and anger, you call them "non-constructive" and lock them, without giving any details on what you will actually do to address the problem:

The topics you tell us are constructive only receive "wait and see" responses, which we've heard for almost a year at this point - and yet for the past two tiers, Hunters have been underpowered and buggy during the serious progression portion of the tier:

When we intentionally create purely constructive topics, with none of our emotional concerns, frustration, etc... they get completely ignored:

You stand accused of ignoring Hunter concerns and using moderation (moderation that isn't targeted, btw, at the dozens and dozens of posters who try to troll us in our threads) to silence anyone who has genuine frustration at the situation. We play a class that, at the start of every tier, feels like a liability to our raid teams. We're raiders, we're playing in competitive guilds and have to do what's best for our teams.

Give us an answer. Don't make us sit here and pray that this PTR maybe, just maybe, you'll buff us before Live. That's not fair to us, your customers, and it's not fair to our raid teams. We've been dealing with the same bug being in the game for a year, the same persistent issues tier-after-tier, the same problem of being consistently underpowered until the +0.1 patch... why do we have to do it in T16?

We're not the enemy. We're your customers who are passionate enough about the game to hope that you share our passion and want to work with us to make this class work. Let us in on the conversation - even if you're uncertain - we can help and make Hunters fun again.

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#82 - 2013/07/08 05:41:00 PM
Lets try to keep discussion both a) consolidated and b) constructive.

Please continue your feedback here: