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#1 - 2013/07/07 01:56:00 PM
Warrior: Shockwave needs to be baseline or have its CD reduced to 30 seconds.

Priest: Life swap needs to be usable for Shadow Priests.

Mage: They need SOME dispel protection, (Ice Block OR Ice Barrier OR Incanter`s Ward damage buff)

Warlock: Their LOLmonic Get-a-Way is ridiculously strong, bravo on nerfing it blizz for 5.4

Hunter: Class needs to be deleted.

Rouge: Shadowstep needs its CD reduced to 15 seconds????? (idk)

ele shaman: Spec based around RNG <removed> kills, spec needs entire rework.

ret paladin: y so much burst? and they`re buffing their burst in 5.4 trololololo

monk: lol who plays a monk....

dk: They have way too many trinkets, it`s ridiculous.

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#3 - 2013/07/08 03:30:00 PM
Feedback is always welcome as long as it's constructive.

Thread locked.