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#1 - 2013/02/19 09:17:00 PM
Hey guys,
Short and sweet, am I the only one who misses how World of Warcraft was in vanilla where there was no crossrealm activity? (including server-transferring being nonexistent)

I remember eventually playing on a server long enough I got to know everyone in the server, had distinct friendships and felt a really "home-like" feeling having a sort of reputation in the server. People were much more inclined to be nice to others because they were sort of stuck with that community. If someone ninja'ed a raid, they would quickly become known around the server and no one would group with that person anymore (name-changing was also nonexistant so you couldn't just "reset" your reputation with a name change).

I totally understand that it is much too late to switch back to how things were before because this whole new generation of players who have become used to how things are today and the convenience of everything being crossrealm would rage beyond belief if this was taken away.

I also understand that some servers would pretty much be dead if xrealm activity didn't exist, but to this I propose combining servers together.

Am I the only one who feels this way? or do any other older players feel like this?

(I played on Ursin in vanilla on a gnome rogue named Uphold incase anyone was wondering :p)

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#38 - 2013/07/08 03:26:00 PM
As this thread is from February, it's been locked.

Please check the date of the thread before adding to it in the future.