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#1 - 2013/07/08 05:39:00 AM
So, at the moment we cant use legendary items as part of our transmog.
Mainly the reason is because they would loose their uniqueness if everyone was running around with them, then you have this legendary cloak now.
A legendary cloak that is available for anyone, who puts some time in to it, and the time needed to obtain it gets lower and lower with every patch. Sigils drop faster now, you only need 3k valor not 6k. Things are slowly but surely getting easier to get. Suddenly the whole idea of legendary items being unique are thrown out of the window.
I think this is a perfect time to allow people who have been sacrificed a lot of time to get their atiesh, shadowmournes, thunderfurys and other legendaries to be able to use them.
Now they are nothing more than items, that taking up space in your bank, gathering dust, and reminding you of the times long gone. Make us able to use them for transmog, so they can be restored to their former glory.

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#8 - 2013/07/08 02:37:00 PM
How many of you are concerned that legacy legendaries will become the new Paladin Tier 2, in that everyone and his dog will be equipping them? Wouldn't it somehow ruin the novelty of owning these items when you get to see them being used constantly, even by levelling characters? Alright, I guess the argument for items that aren't available anymore is a little stronger in my eyes.

But hey, we're not ruling it out completely—one day, who knows? We purposefully made it very limited when transmogrification started, so we could maybe open things up further down the road. I've seen plenty of people argue against this is all.

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#23 - 2013/07/08 03:31:00 PM
I mean, allowing players to transmog into legendaries isn't gonna automatically increase the number of players having, say, Thunderfury

Are you sure? One of the reasons I've never gone for the Twin Blades of Azzinoth is because I know I wouldn't be able to show them off constantly. All that work for a few minutes posing in Stormwind? But if I could transmogrify them, I'd be in BT every waking moment trying for those things, and I think there'd be a few more like me. Just a guess, of course. At least now when you see someone taking those few minutes to /flex in the city with those awesome old school legendaries, you're impressed. Well, I am :)