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#1 - 2013/07/08 12:33:00 AM
Blizzard 1 sec tell me why banned my account ????

ok listen me please!!! Blizzard Say You Are Gold Seller ? ok tell me why learn my account for <<<<< Swift Spectral Tiger >>>>> Mount? ???????? Mount Price any 600$ ? tell me any 600$ ? please tell me why i'm gold seller im learn 600$ Mount and im gold seller ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Tell me any here Administrator ?

Please Blizzard My Child Have Nervose Please UnBanned My Account im not Gold Seller !!! i Have 185 Mount Please Re Check My Account History !

Please Blizzard Give me Where i Say i'm Sell Gold Please Give me Logs please why banned my accounts tell me ;( i'm Collectioner and buying mounts and pets check my account blizzard please i'm not gold seller :(

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#28 - 2013/07/08 09:39:00 AM
Hello Tooka,

Forums are not the place to discuss actions on your account. If you want to have your case reviewed, please send an email to

We will never discuss any personal information or actions taken in a player's account on the forums. So please, refrain from opening more threads about this matter.

Keep also in mind that using titles like this to catch attention of Blizzard employees goes against the Code of Conduct.

To all players, please if you see a thread that seems inappropriate, just report it. Refrain from trolling or making fun of other players.