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#1 - 2013/07/05 10:00:00 PM

To become as accomplished and feared as I am, one must go beyond the daily sets of 100 one-armed pushups and 3-minute-mile runs. One must also endeavor to test one’s strength and endurance—to wrestle with Azeroth’s fiercest creatures! Take me for example: I’ve been able to defeat Oondasta 27 times now with nary a scratch. Zandalari Warbringers? Yeah, the ones I’ve beaten are busy cleaning up after my pets now. In my more youthful days—and just for fun—I would explore the dangers of this world with legends like Brann Bronzebeard and Harrison Jones, just to see what kinds of trouble we could get into. Adventure is out there!

Sadly, you tamers are still a bit mushy around the midsection, so I’ll go easier on you. Instead of “adventuring” with Vicejaw or Mecha-Bruce with one leg tied behind your back (Major Payne–style), your orders are to locate and tame the elusive and mysterious Electrified Razortooth. Baby steps for you, pudgy!

Keep in mind, these beasts are empowered by the same storms Lei Shen now controls. Crithto will brief you on this shocking exercise.


Crithto: There’s clearly not enough swamp goo in your boots, so it’s back to the Isle of Thunder for you! The Electrified Razortooth is an elusive crocolisk imbued with lightning, which influences its abilities. Crippling combos like Rip and Blood in the Water will surely get the best of your opponent. Meanwhile, you can command your enemies with Paralyzing Shock while surviving to fight another day with Devour. Much like me, this pet might be cute, but it packs a mighty wallop!

I’ll admit, the rumors of a Timeless Isle are quite intriguing to Azeroth’s Most Accomplished Champion of Champions, but I’ve grown quite fond of the Isle of Thunder. As you already know, I like to vacation there, so sending you back isn’t the most pleasant order I’ve had to give. Nonetheless, I have a job and a duty to perform, and if that means I must once again collect bodies and clean up your blood stains, so be it. QUIT YOUR BELLY-ACHIN’ AND GET A MOVE ON!

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