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#1 - 2013/07/05 04:52:00 AM
Hello everyone, i just want to start out with my native language is not english and i do also have dyslexia.

Okay. So i was thinking today when i played LFR, as normal i exptected alot of BM and being called [email protected]#$ etc. Yes did this happend sadly.

Then i was thinking, maybe, if you have a system where you can "thumbs up" a person, like with the honor system in League of Legends. Then the system reads this and if the person reaches, let's say 100 thumbs up which gives him or her a badge and a title , the badge will show around his/her portrait or on another way. The title might be "Xíe the helpful" as . a example. If a new players sees the badge then (s)he understands "Oh look, a nice person that i can ask about the boss fight" The system can continue , if you get 1000 thumbs up , you gain a mount or a Feast of Strength. Etc, etc,

The point with this system is that maybe the community will get a bit more friendly and just all and all a nice place to be and play. :)

Also, i want to hear your opinion on this. Why and why not etc.

EDIT : We could skip all the rewards and just have the "badge", so a new player could see it and well, ask about the raid and maybe the game.

Thanks , Xíe

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#11 - 2013/07/05 09:04:00 AM

I can smell truble for the system. Imagine trade chat.. wtb tumb up 2000 gold.

If it comes to player votes it may get kinda "currupt". If the computers makes the votes it may get unrelieable.

This is a real concern for sure.

I think it is a great idea. But it should be refined and thought thru from all sides to ensure misuse doesn't happen.
Like only ppl in LFR who were NOT in your group when you queued being able to vote for you.

Such a system would indeed have to be super refined to avoid abuse or exploitation - basically it should be impossible to game the system in any way, and that is no simple task.

Rules and restrictions like the one you suggest would definitely have to be thoroughly tested before they could even be considered for live implementation :-)