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#1 - 2013/06/25 05:19:00 PM
If I have Scavanging Hyena as well as other beasts in play and the enemy hero casts an AOE spell like Consecration that kills them, will Scavanging Hyena gain the extra stats from the other dead beasts before it is hit or will it die at the same time as my other minions?

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#24 - 2013/06/27 01:30:00 AM

A - The AoE resolves left to right, and if a beast dies before the hyena gets hit, it will get buffed before taking damage


B - All the minions take damage at the same time, and the hyena will die before its effect resolves.

We'd need a blue to tell us which way it work.

Currently, B is correct in this case. Everything will die and the Hyena will not receive the buff.