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#1 - 2013/06/24 05:53:00 AM
Title says it all. My friend is constantly assailed by the biggest jerks ever, whether when she raids, goes into lfr, or other stuff. She is even considering quitting this game because lately, she's been logging off stressed almost every night.

Last week, we were doing Lei Shen in LFR. We ran across a guild of elitist jerks wearing their fancy heroic thunderforged gear, being the worst jerks ever and kicking people for no reason. When she asked in raid chat for the tanks to be marked, they all of a sudden vote kicked her. It did not pass fortunately, but despite that, she was still very upset after that and logged off for the night. Needless to say, I was extremely enraged that these jerks can do this and not get their account banned.

OF course, I don't blame blizzard for every Jerk. I actually blame the community for allowing these jerks to spread like a plague. When you see a jerk being rude or doing anything to ruin the peace, ur supposed to report them. Unfortunately, nobody does that, so blizzard doesnt even bother reading the chat logs. How can people enjoy this game if you got the lowest forms of life making it miserable for other people?

Another thing I absolutely despise is jerks abusing the report system. My friend has been assailed by 2 guilds abusing the report system by mass reporting her for no reason. She is very nice and sweet, and she does not deserve any of the crap she takes. She would have had her account banned if not for chat logs being recorded. However, did Blizzard take action with these jerks who mass reported her? Have they taken action against elitist jerks who kick people out of lfr for amusement? Well, I still see it happening, so the answer is pretty obvious.

I guess the point of this topic is to let blizzard know that they are losing a lot of their player base to the degenerate low lives in their game. As long as you continue giving little slap on the wrist punishment, and not harsh punishment, then they will continue being jerks, and your player base will continue to shrink. Fix the problem before it gets worse.

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#443 - 2013/06/26 01:09:00 AM
Although I feel there's some good points to be made in the thread, there's also a fair amount which goes against the forum policies here which is why I'm locking the thread down. Please take care not to use masked profanity or vulgarities which set yourself up for being reported.

That being said, we are constantly reviewing our report features to make sure that players who need our attention will have it, and that disruptive players also get the attention they deserve. For those not already aware, we do list the scope of our support where harassment is concerned, here on this page.