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#1 - 2013/06/15 04:38:00 AM
<Village Idiot> of Kil'jaeden is hosting a server-wide Death Race this July 6th.

If you've ever considered rolling on our shiny, high-pop, awesomely active server but hate being penniless, here is your chance to win a fat pile of gold for your new toon! All the icky details and prize amounts can be found here:

Feel free to bump this or the other thread with questions or comments!

Because it's the question everyone really wants to know: 1st place is currently 48,000g + 2 pets

Server time is west coast time.

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#59 - 2013/06/24 05:05:00 PM
Please refrain from bumping the thread, Lyllian.

Adding constructive information to the post is fine once a day.