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#1 - 2013/06/21 09:20:00 PM
Dear Blizzard, I bet the number of support calls is REALLY down. You've made it nearly impossible for anyone to get a hold of you. If there is an issue that needs attention right now, Forget it!, there is no way to contact you. To open a ticket, if it's not on the topic list, you're screwed. What about a phone number so we can contact you?

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#5 - 2013/06/21 09:58:00 PM
You can submit a petition in-game, or through the Support link in the drop down menu above, Maev.

If a phone call is necessary, you'll be provided the number at that time. This time of day, webchat may also be an option for you.

If you'd care to share your details, I may be able to give you a little information, but this forum simply isn't intended to be a replacement for normal methods of contact.


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