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#1 - 2013/06/20 09:40:00 PM
Not only does MMO Champion have Sacred Shield becoming a Protection ability, it leaves Retribution in particular with no viable talent options besides Selfless Healer, which isn't all that great the begin with.

I don't understand, why are you giving the current Sacred Shield to Protection along with this talent option? Their defense is hardly lacking right now with the myriad of defensive abilities at their disposal whereas Retribution has been notoriously simple to tunnel from it's almost total lack of significant damage reduction, why are you taking that away as well?

No Ret Paladin will realistically take the new talent in place of Selfless Healer now since the 2 min CD is too long and by the time we get to 30% health it's going to essentially be game over for us as A) we cannot recover enough health to make it useful before the large burst available to most classes finishes off the shield or B) they simply resort to CCing us til it runs out.

Congratulations, you've effectively pigeon-toed Retribution into a single talent point and vastly improved the defense of Protection for no real reason.

It seems like the developers never seem to consider that Retribution does not simply PvE to the exclusion of all else, many of us actually like to PvP as something other than Holy too. It's great that you pay so much attention to our damage, we actually do very much appreciate that, but for the love of Godfrey all we are asking is that you take a look at the PvP implications of changes to Paladins other than Holy!

It's bad enough Evil is a Point of View can't realisitically be used by Ret and Unbreakable Spirit will be a much larger buff to Holy than us, but now we are losing our only realistic passive defense talent to Protection as well.

Why can't we simply leave Sacred Shield as is function-wise and implement a spec-based arrangement instead so that each spec can gain a benefit relevent to their playstyle without stepping on anyone else's toes? Does Protection really NEED yet ANOTHER defense for them exclusively?

Retribution defense needs alot of work right now, and taking away the Sacred Shield option for them is not going to help. Please reconsider your decision in this regard, us Ret Paladins have so few talent options to choose from as it is and I really don't want to lose another.

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#10 - 2013/06/21 05:45:00 PM
Please see the update Rygarius posted yesterday regarding Paladin changes:

Our current thinking is to revert the current PTR changes to Sacred Shield/Holy Shield entirely.