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#1 - 2013/06/20 04:44:00 AM
When I bind "shift mouse button1" and "shift mouse button2" (sb1&sd2) to activate the same bartender button (button72),
and bind this macro to button72

/castsequence [btn:1]reset=3 Cheap Shot,Garrote,Slice and Dice; reset=3 Ambush,Garrote,Slice and Dice
/use Pick Pocket
/use Premeditation

Bartender only seems to be able to run the /castsequence [btn:1]reset=3 Cheap Shot,Garrote,Slice and Dice part

The macro works when normally clicked

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#2 - 2013/06/20 12:14:00 PM
What happens when you press "shift + mouse button2"?
Does it activate the Cheap Shot sequence or nothing happens?
And what happens when you bind "mouse button2" to "button 72" without the shift modifier, does it work?

I assume that the problem might be related to this: “If your macro is activated by a keybinding, [button:1] will always be true.” (link)
As long as you are using key bindings and not actually clicking with the mouse over the buttons, unfortunately it seems like this might default to the [Btn:1] conditional.