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#1 - 2013/06/17 12:02:00 AM
Hey guys, I've become quite involved in the warlock community over the last few months and as time has been passing by I feel as though I'm getting closer to understanding the thought process on class development and experimental changes/new implementations; with that said though here is my simple request as to how blizzard can go about changing Kiljae'dan's Cunning for the better:

Replace the talent KJC with something new, like how shadowflame is replacing howl of terror, and rework KJC as a passive into each spec where they can move and cast their filler spells. So have it allow: Malefic Grasp while moving, Shadow bolt while moving, and incinerate while moving.

Simple yet very effective, as it clears up a already lackluster choice set for lvl 90 talents and will extinguish the conflicts between developers and the community responses(whether good or bad) on how to balance KJC as a TALENT.

With this change to KJC you guys are given a open talent choice slot to fill with all new ideas or maybe with bringing back another lost spell from warlocks over the years; seeing as you guys are not afraid of changing talents mid expansion, which is a good thing, with Howl of terror and shadowflame(<3).

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#18 - 2013/06/17 09:32:00 PM
Hey guys,

Please keep feedback regarding Kil'Jaeden's Cunning to this pre-existing thread: