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#1 - 2013/06/14 12:55:00 PM
My wish list for Arathi:
1. Staging ground for a territorial battle between Forsaken and the Alliance (mainly Dwarves and Humans)
2. A Huge battle for Stromgarde (Alliance must retake it fully in the end though)
3. Reconstruction of Thoradin's Wall by the Dwarves with an ongoing defence to keep the Forsaken back
4. Reconstruction of Thandol Span by the new Alliance Dark Iron Dwarves
5. The path between Thandol Span and The Hinterlands made as a more permanent highway once Alliance have more control
6. Fortification of Refugee Point to protect this new highway and Stromgarde
7. Maybe let Forsaken take and reconstruct Durnholde Keep (and/or maybe Orcs under the direction of Thrall due to his past history at Durnholde)
8. Both Hammerfall and Witherbark (taken or joined with the Darkspear) more fortified against the new push by the Alliance. Maybe a path or tunnel carved to the sea for a small port for supplies.
9. Ongoing attacks and commando missions by the Forsaken (from the East) and the Orcs/Trolls from the West againt the new Alliance territory
10. PHASING so levelers experience the pre-retaken Stromgarde/Artathi and end-game sees the final battles and reconstructions.

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#13 - 2013/06/14 06:33:00 PM
I've extended the post cap on the original thread so the discussion can continue: