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#1 - 2013/06/11 08:18:00 PM
Yesterday I had an although not always that friendly still lively and very discussed thread. Some agreed with me alot disagreed and then I got an blue. now normally an blue on my thread would've made me a happy guy. But yesterday it made me an sad player as he closed my thread on misinterpreting what I said.

mostly this point quote from the thread itself:

Why? you might ask and if you do then it's pretty much obvious you never played vanilla wow and are pretty much an product of the latest expansions and so used to everything handed to you through LFR that if you were forced by blizzard to actually put in some efforts to get anywhere in the game again you'd be crying your pants off about it.

If someone doesn't agree with you, you conclude they haven't played Vanilla, and then, at the end of your post

now this part I agree with it did not help discussion

Well I've made my points looking forward to the bashing I'm going to get for not liking progression of an game etc.

So, anyone that disagrees with you is bashing you... Which means there isn't much point to keep this thread open.

It's cool you think Vanilla is better than MoP. But this isn't certainly the best way to have a constructive discussion on the forums, where not everyone will necessarily agree with you.

This part whoever the reason Draztal seemed to have closed the thread for I disagree with. As he seems to misinterpretate what I actually said. I never claimed anyone who disagrees with me would be bashing me. I just said it as I knew some people would bash me for my thread and some indeed did. But I had an pretty constructive discussion with some of the people and didn't consider their points bashing at all. Because like I said before I never implied anyone disagreeing with me is bashing me.

So I feel an apoligy is in order.Also I'm restarting my thread here.But without the "offensive stuff"

That's right. Vanilla wow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MOP. You read it right.

Vanilla wow was much better for a couple of reasons:

Leveling was harder. Not because it was grindier for as many of you will probably want to point out: grindier /= harder. Bjut because of you pulled multiple mobs and you didn't know what you were doing you would die. Instead of how it is now and you can just pull 15 mobs at a time and mindlessly slaughter them with no effort what so ever.

You didn't just get handed epics. You had to put in an effort and while I agree that the bosses nowadays are more challenging. You defanitley couldn't just afk your way into epics as you can nowadays in PVP and PVE *cough* LFR *cough*. It cheap[ens the game and the achievement of actually downing the bosses on their hardest modes or actually knowing how to play your class in PVP.

there was more adventure. Sure some love getting pointed to where stufff is but it seriously weakens the immersion in the game. The sence of discovery and and finding places on your own made for such an great feeling. nowadays you just go were that huge blue mark on your world map points you collect stuff and go where ever the question mark on your world map points you. It's boring and it's mundane.

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