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#1 - 2013/06/11 11:23:00 PM

I have installed WeakAuras for my druid to keep track of Savage Roar, Rip, Rake, etc.

I keep track of enemy debuffs like rake, rip and faerie fire with it and it works just fine. However, since I'm quite new to the class I want to help myself by like having rake, rip and savage roar showing always on my screen but is transparent when I havent applied it to myself/the target. Is that possible?

Thanks alot for your help :]

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#3 - 2013/06/12 03:41:00 PM
Hi Ayumix,

Like Falcifer said, it sounds like what you want to be using is the inverse option.
You can check a video here. (he’s actually making an “action usable”, but works just the same with “auras”)

You also don’t need to remove the auras you already have, as they show you when your debuffs are active and ticking, so what you can do is simply add a new aura and set it to “inverse”.

What I would also suggest you to do would be colouring them differently, so for example, if you have rip active, make the icon slightly smaller and give it a red hue, or an animation, anything that distinguishes it from the other icon that tells you that rip is available and is not applied to the target.

This is more useful for abilities that have cooldowns, but if you want to track “missing debuffs”, then this will probably help to improve your reaction time, because on top of working as a reminder of something that is missing, this way there’s also some binary logic that your brain will pick up on very fast, especially if you apply the same logical pattern to all your auras, this way your brain will eventually get used to the pattern you’ve created and react to it super-fast.

Or you can do the opposite, and for example colour it red when the debuffs are missing, and leave it as default when the debuffs are ticking (and add a timer to it).
What really matters is that you create a logical pattern and stick to it, the pattern itself is completely up to you. Just create whatever seems to make the most sense to you.
Good luck and stay ferocious!