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#1 - 2013/06/10 11:55:00 PM
Dawn of the Aspects Part V releases June 17, and we’re happy to be able to share with you an exclusive first read from the last chapter of this epic digital-pentalogy.

I am only a proto-dragon! The thought jolted through Malygos with such force that Kalec also felt the flash of fear. Still, all Malygos had to do was look at Neltharion and the rest—who, in turn, waited for his word—to know that there was no retreating from his dominant role.

But there was another who seemed willing to help take much of the burden from him. He looked to Alexstrasza.

She already appeared to understand his concern. With a brief, solemn glance at Malygos, Alexstrasza immediately focused on Neltharion. "How do your kind fight? Tell us… show us."

Neltharion bared his teeth in a reptilian grin. He spread his wings and began to display the fighting skills of his family—

The vision shifted, but while Kalec would have liked to know more about the abilities of the other four, he was not surprised about the change. In fact, for the first time, the blue dragon felt comfortable with the shift. He did not see that this might not be a good sign for him.

The scene before him could not be taking place all that long after the previous one. The five remained in the mountains, but now they perched atop part of a crooked peak, watching and waiting.

But the sky remained conspicuously devoid of a creature so vast he could hardly be hiding. There were also no signs of the undead, which disturbed the group's leader.

"Where is Galakrond?" Malygos growled. "Where?" He stretched his wings restlessly before finally understanding what they had to do. "Must bring him to us! Must let him know about us!"

He let out a roar. As he expected, it echoed throughout the mountains. Yet to his ears, it did not sound nearly loud enough.

Before Malygos could suggest it, Alexstrasza raised her head and repeated his call. The other three imitated her, all five within seconds shouting as one.

The echoes of their combined cries resounded, even building as they rushed away from their source. As loud as they were, it would still have been impossible for most normal proto-dragons to hear them unless they were within two or three hours' flight away.

But then, there was nothing normal anymore about Galakrond.

Thunder rose in the east, thunder with an oddly regular pattern.

No, not thunder, Malygos finally deduced. Only the beating of very, very large wings.

And as the rest of the five turned in that direction, the heavens there darkened.