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#1 - 2013/06/02 03:01:00 PM
So, in the current season, they recently made a change to pvp gear, so pve gear would be viable to enter end-game pvp, while keeping pvp gear the optimal choise.

That's all fair and square, but when it comes to the next season, i have my doubts. Simple reason: if they remove or increase the ilvl allowed in arenas and bg's, pve gear will be the best choise for the first manny weeks into the next season!

Since the best raiders alrdy have full ilvl 530+, the starts on that gear will triumph over the stats on ilvl 496 pvp gear now that the pvp power and resillience is missing in most cases.

So either they need to increase the ilvl gradualy in the next season to keep pvp gear the optimal choise, or find some other way.


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#7 - 2013/06/06 02:20:00 PM
06/06/2013 14:30Posted by Oxxilicious
Blizzard are trying to remove the fact that gear is needed to do arena so ye i dont think they will increase the ilvl cap in arenas.
No, we still want gear to matter in PvP to allow for a sense of power progression, but we simply didn't like that it was such a large factor in player victories previously. We will be increasing the cap in patch 5.4 for the next season, however we don't want to have the Ilvl cap suddenly jump up instantly to ensure that those with high Ilvl PvE gear don't suddenly out gear those in PvP gear, but rather everyone's Ilvl will increase together. We will try to share more about this as soon as we have more information on it for you.

This question was also touched on in the Ask the Devs Q&A here: