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#1 - 2013/06/03 03:18:00 PM
The orginal thread( ) on this issue started by Deadhourse has reached it's posting cap.

WHY!? It was the only time I could enjoy playing this game without seeing every other server's trolls!

While I do think CRZ is a good idea in general, there are just too many problems, and issues with it, that Blizzard has never properly addressed. As such they shouldn't be expanding it into the DMF zone, or any MoP zone for that matter; until they get a handle on those issues/problems.

My main issue with CRZ, is having to deal with the jerks from other realms. Sure every realm has it's share of jerks that like to block quest givers, and thing like mail boxes, or in the case of the DMF the shooting gallery. But there are realm wide social consequences to being a jerk. Jerks don't last very long in good guilds, that care about there rep on their server. With CRZ jerks are now free to be jerks with no social consequences whatsoever.

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#100 - 2013/06/04 12:53:00 AM
06/03/2013 09:23 AMPosted by Denizi
Honestly I kinda like the CRZ'd DMF. I think bustling and crowded is the expected state of any worthwhile carnival.

Yeah, and that's the intent behind CRZ as a whole. The Darkmoon Faire being CRZ'd is intentional, the problem is it's just allowing too many people into the same cross-realm instance right now and causing some overcrowding issues. Much of the intent of cross-realm zones is providing the experience of a lively massively-multiplayer environment, even for lower level zones where players don't tend to congregate as much any more. We certainly want the Darkmoon Faire to always feel like you're visiting a mystical carnival full of excited patrons.

We've developed a fix and that will be implemented with tomorrow morning's rolling restarts. Let us know what you think afterward, and we'll be closely monitoring the changes as well.