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#1 - 2013/05/22 12:05:00 PM

So 5.3 just hit and i was really excited about the 65 % base resi change, yet when i log in this morning i have 50 % resi.

Base Resilience will be set to 65% for all characters level 85 and higher

Well i'm lvl 85 and i dont have 65 % basi resi.

So my question : is it a bug or intentional ?

Thanks in advance,

- Cam

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#40 - 2013/05/31 09:12:00 AM
Just to touch on this topic quickly; Any characters below level 90 currently gets 40% base resilience, this is intentional. This is partially because there is lower level gear that we were not ready or unable to remove the resilience from. We’ll eventually strip the resilience off all the old gear if we don’t redesign the system for later patches and at that point we may make changes to the base resilience numbers for lower levels.