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#1 - 2013/05/24 07:15:00 PM
I was actually pretty delighted over the ilvl516 caster staff and caster head when i got them the past days - at first ... but only until i found out that i could neither use Eye of the black Prince on the Staff, nor put a Meta Gem into the Head - the heroic one in my case.

That not only degrades the loot, esp. the Head piece, but only makes me wonder, why on earth i actually did the heroic quest chain at all ...

Maybe you want to change that and make both 'enchants' applicable on these items as well?

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#25 - 2013/05/27 03:25:00 PM
The developers didn't want these items (Heroic Scenario item level 516 loot) to be best in slot. They would like to see them replaced by more powerful items (even if those items are of the same ilevel).

Yeah it's quite silly that none of the scenario items have any sockets, Especially the helm.

These items have random enchantments, and there are some technical limitations to have random stats plus sockets on them. The developers definitely agree that the helms might be particularly unattractive without a meta socket.