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#1 - 2013/05/23 05:00:00 PM
Secrets of Stranglethorn Vale

What secrets await you in Stranglethorn Vale?

Whether you’re most at home strolling through the streets of Stormwind or marching through the dust-laden paths of Orgrimmar, our artists have focused their efforts on recreating iconic Warcraft environments in Hearthstone to provide the perfect ambiance for your friendly duels. These “boards” aren’t just for show; they each contain secrets to help you pass the time while your opponent struggles with each critical decision.

Let’s explore the mystique of the overgrown jungles of Stranglethorn Vale—Hearthstone style!

Our Stranglethorn Vale board is designed to appeal to players of all factions, since it was such a memorable part of everyone’s early  World of Warcraft experiences. Do you remember the first time you tracked game through the Vale’s wild undergrowth? What about the heart-stopping moments where you saw (or heard) a Rogue stealthing in your general vicinity? While you may encounter some Rogues in Hearthstone, don’t worry—it’s just your opponent. This time, you’ll be ready for them!

On this board, you can relax nearby a peaceful waterfall as it flows over the rocks below, or you can venture bravely into Hemet Nesingwary’s camp, eager to take on the next hunt that awaits you. If exploration is more your style, why not investigate the imposing ruby-eyed statue or pull back the vines covering that ancient archway? Beware! Danger lurks behind every corner, or may just be hiding under a nearby log . . . you should probably build a fire to keep the beasts at bay.

We hope the Hearthstone Stranglethorn Vale board brings back fond memories for veteran World of Warcraft players. With its gentle, swaying animations and fun clickable interactions, we also hope it will make some new memories as well! Explore on, Hearthlings!