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#1 - 2013/05/23 01:13:00 AM
Hey guys.

After doing some strange stuff today i headed towards the PvP vendor to exchange my S13 Tyrannical 2h sword to a s13 ELITE tyrannical 2h sword.

I had been told beforehand that it has a bit better stats or atleast the same as earlier, I decided to compare just to be sure. You never know what blizz is going to do these days :D

Well, i was kinda baffled when it turned out to have the exact same stats but one exception, it had 1000 less PVP power...

How the heck does this make sense? Elite weapons are supposed to be an upgrade, but instead i end up "downgrading" my weapon if i decide to "upgrade" it to an ELITE weapon?

i appreciate any reasonable reasons (if there are any) that can explain the logic behind this.


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#16 - 2013/05/23 02:24:00 PM
Hi Fluffbunny,
It seems like you’ve found a bug.
As you know, this patch brought a tremendous amount of PvP changes. I would be very surprised if that’s the only bug out there related to PvP stat budget changes with all the stuff that’s been happening to PvP gear, the switch to ilvl 496 from 493 for normal gear and 512 to 496 for elite gear opens the door for this kind of bugs.
Keep in mind that the patch has only been live for a couple of days, I’m sure devs will hotfix most of these initial bugs asap in the next few days.

While this is not ideal, we have to realize that patches are becoming more frequent, and even if we have a PTR to test them, the live version always gives us much more feedback data, it’s only natural that we end up discovering things that no one else noticed before after a patch goes live.
Also, PTR is in constant iteration and if some changes are made at the last minute; those might not get enough time to be thoroughly tested to ensure that they’re 100% bug free.

I’ll report this particular bug internally, and if you happen to find any other oddity with stat numbers or anything else I encourage you to use our in-game bug report system.

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#24 - 2013/05/29 07:34:00 AM

Bug fixed.
PvP Power should be now consistent across all 2h Elite weapons. Thanks for helping us out ;)