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#1 - 2013/05/18 06:51:00 PM
Mid-Season Catch Up
Players who are starting their journey into PvP mid-season start significantly behind the gearing curve. While we want to avoid invalidating the effort of players who have competed for the whole season, we agree with the feedback we’ve received that the starting gap is too large, so a new Conquest Point catch-up cap will be implemented using the following formula:

(Current week of the season) * 1000 – (Conquest earned thus far this season)

Here are some examples of how this will work:

Player A is starting PvP for the first time in week 10 of the season, and hasn’t earned any Conquest Points at all that season. He will have an additional cap of 10,000 points added to his normal weekly rating based cap.

Player B has already earned 5,000 Conquest Points by week 10, so she would have an additional cap of 5,000 points added to her normal weekly rating based cap.

Player C has been playing all season long, and has earned more than 10,000 Conquest Points by week 10. He only has the normal weekly cap to work with (but should already be on their way to being well geared).

If a player “redeems” their catch up cap by earning all those points, then they’ll begin the next week at their normal weekly rating based cap. Should they miss more weeks, then the catch up cap accrues again.


This hasn't been commented on since, can we get a confirmation this will or will not still be implemented Tuesday?

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#5 - 2013/05/20 10:45:00 PM
05/20/2013 02:54 PMPosted by Frostssock
I just made this same post, i see nothing in patch notes :(

It's in the version of patch notes being prepped for tomorrow.

  • Mid-season catch-up for Conquest Points has been added. Players will now see their cap on Conquest Points increased by 1000 per week since the start of Season 13 minus the amount of Conquest Points earned so far in this season.

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    #11 - 2013/05/21 01:45:00 AM
    So then it is retro active for people that may have not been 90 at the beginning of s13?

    This is something I have never truly understood.

    It's based on Conquest Points earned within the season. If the character has earned 0 Conquest Points thus far, then they'll have the maximum amount of catch-up cap increase available.