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#1 - 2013/05/19 10:02:00 AM
Hey all, I figured this might be a fun little idea.

How about we replace something like the current Wrathion Chain with more class-specific Legendary Chains that are on the difficulty level of single-player bosses like the Dragonwrath, Fangs of the Father or Green Fire ones (just class specific). They could reward Transmog Sets and Weapons that fit the style and colors of the class (unlike a lot of Challenge Mode Sets they might also benefit from having SMALLER SHOULDERS and less ridiculous HORNS and BELTS *stares at whoever did this warlock set* in the style of Vanilla and TBC sets - obviously for those that like ridiculous, we could also have alternative transmog pieces, after all it's a legendary chain).

What does the rest of the community think? Idea is to teach people their class mechanics a lot better, while rewarding them with shiny stuff. Nothing required to actually gear yourself out, like it is now, more of optional personal challenges.

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#22 - 2013/05/20 02:48:00 PM
At the end the question is, if we would like more content for everyone or more content for special classes, as the development time of new expansions is limited.

Time is limited indeed, and there is unfortunately not enough time available to let the developers work simultaneously on adding all the various types of content that they would otherwise love to add to the game. The developers therefore have to prioritise which content to work on first, and they typically favour prioritising content for everyone over content for the few – That is not to say that we will never see content like legendary class quests, it is just that such class quests would have a lower priority than content such as a new raid or battleground.