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#1 - 2013/05/18 12:51:00 PM
I'm aware there's a 267-page thread on this, and that's why I'm creating this, because that's been going for 2 years and nothing's come of it except for more complaints and a lack of new replies from Blizzard representatives.

It's got to the point, where on Stormrage Horde [which is by NO means a "dead" server compared to some other poor buggers] if there aren't ~15 guildies online, I just log off because there won't be anything to do.
I'm not going to rant on about in-game economies being rubbish [which they are], or pug life being non-existent [which it is]; I want to talk about the lack of communication from Blizzard.

The forums are chock-a-block of people complaining about this issue, then there are all those who don't post on the forums and just quit or start logging on infrequently. Believe it or not, when my Real ID friends start transferring or stop playing, my game experience is affected, there's less incentive for me to play [if you can call it "playing" right now].

In the sense of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is the government and we are the people. There is a stark lack of communication between the two parties and the people are being fleeced and shunned. This should not be tolerated, and God knows why Blizzard aren't being more active about the problem. I'm aware that people are *willing* to pay for transfers, but this shouldn't be about letting the situation worsen to a point where players are forced to fork out extra money in order to get the expected game experience.

It's not even ending there, Horde are transferring off Stormrage to Twisting Nether and Draenor because they have high Hordeside populations [who wants to pay for a server transfer and another £20 for a faction transfer?]. These 2 servers are increasingly imbalanced in terms of faction population, so Alliance players will transfer to new realms or switch to Horde as we've seen with other realms. Thus the problem continues...


Realm-specific free faction transfers.
Much more free migration.
Putting a good few servers out of their misery.

I'm going to pull some numbers out my bottom but here's an example:

A - 80% A - 20% H [Total 100,000]
B - 90% A - 10% H [Total 35,000]
C - 50% A - 50% H [Total 70,000]
D - 40% A - 60% H [Total 45,000]
E - 25% A - 75% H [Total 140,000]
F - 5% A - 95% H [Total 90,000]

Free/reduced/package realm transfers from B and D to all the other realms. If targeted realms have an imbalanced faction population, offer free/reduced/package faction transfers in the same process and limit the number of transfers to the dominant faction.

Offer free/reduced/package faction transfers on realms A, E and F, stopping them at a certain change in %.

I'm sure people with 1 main/character are fine with paying a one-time fee to transfer that character and making the game playable again. However some people are not, and some people have quite a few characters that they've invested a lot of time into.

end of rant

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#6 - 2013/05/18 01:47:00 PM

I am afraid that while your topic does contain relevant and constructive discussion it is still in breach of our terms of use, as there is currently an active thread regarding this issue which you can find here -

Please feel free to post your ideas there and contribute to the discussion, so that everything can be kept neat and contained in a single location.

Thank you.