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#1 - 2013/05/16 02:26:00 PM
ok now b4 you go overboard this is not regarding a developmental standpoint. this is regarding the shabby way the forums seem to be ran.

first off i know that they cant monitor every single thread for language. but that being said shouldn't certain other words be added to the filter also if they are not going to monitor all threads.

such as calling a person an idiot. is this not a flagrant violation of posting, as it is a direct statement made at a person demeaning them.

do you think blizzard has become lax in the way they deal with said people. this is not directed at any specific soul. so if your goal is to come to this thread and troll it or even start a flame war. then don't bother cause i wont even respond to people like that.

what are also your thoughts on thread hijacking. all to often i see threads get started as a question of sorts and then someone says something and the thread goes into the realm of the unknown. i understand people will talk in a social setting but why not create an tread for that kinda thing instead of hijacking someone elses thread.

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#37 - 2013/05/16 03:06:00 PM
We normally do at least remove posts that disparage another - provided it's reported.

We do NOT go through threads looking for violations, that would be impossible. We not only have a forum for every realm, but a plethora of others on various topics as well. We have 10s of thousands of visitors a day, and many of them leave comments.

That is what the biohazard is for - on every post. If you see a post that violates our rules, please use that so our modsquad can look into it.

The words that are censored here are profanity. Just a tip - just because a word is censored does NOT mean if reported you won't be held responsible for it, it just doesn't show in public. That would be masked profanity. If you ever post and something is 'bleeped', please take the opportunity to choose different language yourself.


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