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#1 - 2013/05/15 07:56:00 PM
Okay so I was bored and thinking, what do the dungeons these days lack ? That graphical "Wow-effect". That effect that makes you stop beating on baddies for a minute, just to look around and admire the scenery. So, this thread will be dedicated for those that would like to share their ideas of new dungeons. I'll start, but BE WARNED !!! It'll be a long detailed post.

Also this has nothing to do with any of the game lore, again, just for fun only !

New Dungeon : Trial of the Unforgiving Gods

Location : Vashj'r ( new subarea, accessible via a special current )

Level : 87~90

Bosses : 2 ( 3 in heroics )

Special notes : God of war-ish style cutscenes + puzzles that you have to complete as a group.

How it looks : It's basically a giant statue, half underwater ( only the arms and head is out of the water ). You start at the feet, and make your way up to the head.

Dungeon Guide ;

So you start at the bottom at the feet. Your underwater, and have a choice between the left or the right side ( chosen by vote ). Both sides are equal in difficulty, but both offer a different kind of puzzle ( I haven't though of any puzzles yet ). Both have the same mobs. After the feet are done, you would get to the legs.

The legs would be like Throne of tides -> underwater, but closed of so you can walk and look outside into the ocean. Here a little text would popup displaying something like ; "Wave 1/5 - enemies left 10". You would have to defeat 5 waves, BUT at the same time you would have to move to the middle because the walls would close in on you with deadly one-shot spikes. In heroic the last wave would have a boss "Rotten Herkulees". The walls in heroic would reset and you'd have to fight him before the walls completely close in. You would gain a new boss spell and a new rage-like bar. Hit the boss enough times to fill the bar and you could activate the spell, pushing the boss back. You could push the boss into the spike walls for enormous damage. The boss would have 2 abilities : "Heroic Throw" throwing the player several yards ( possibly into the wall spikes ) which you would have to interrupt. And "Unearthy Strenght" increasing the damage done by 50% ( stacks 2 times, but dispellable ).

After the legs you would arrive at the belly, underwater, into a giant ring. You all know what that means ! Boss time ! "Neptunan Waterslide". He'll be a normal tank and spank in the first phase. Spells in first phase : "Watercyclone" Making a circular current around him, stunning all enemies hit by it for 6 seconds. This would be avoided by either hugging the boss, or backing off completely ( has a weird circle with a min and max range ). Then next ability would be "Blessing of the Waves" Healing himself for a moderate amount. Interruptable, but a very low cast time making it hard to time. Wouldn't be a big deal if you didn't interrupt it though.

Second phase at 50% health, the belly of the statue would rise up out of the water and you'd have to fight Neptunan on land. Neptunan would gain a debuff "All dried Out" decreasing damaging by 10% while out of the water, but increasing his damage by 20% while in the water. He would fight on dry land, and every 10% he would jump into the ocean and giant waterhands would come out. You'd have to kill the waterhands, and Neptunan would be hiding in one of them. Picking the right one would instantly kill the other hand, but picking the wrong one would increase his damage by 25% and attack speed by 10%. On land he would just be a tank and spank.

Last but not least, after killing him you would continue to the head. Strangely enough only finding a chest and no boss here. You try to loot the chest and a cutscene starts. It shows the statue coming to life and rising out of the water ( half-ish, he would sit in the water, with his upper body out of the water). You'll fall into the water out of his mouth when he rises, and would have to fight him ( didn't think about skills for him ). Name would be something like "Reincarnated Statue of Zuulius" . After killing him/it you could swim to the head again and actually loot the chest.

Loot in the dungeon ;

-Normal loot from trash packs ( same as pandaran blues )

-Epic sword from Herkulees -> "Static Olympius" It would look like the Olympus sword that Zeus crafted in the god of war series, with a static lightning effect.

-Epic staff from Neptunan -> "Dried Trident of the Waves" Would like look a blue shiny trident, but with water dripping from the pointy ends making it look like it's melting.

-Epic trinkets from finall boss -> "Thunder Lightened Lightening". Only a use effect on this one ( rather OP one ). You could use the trinket with a 30min cooldown, calling upon the mighty god Zuulius himself ( not the statue but the real god lol ) to strike down a lightening beam to your current target, dealing a devestating blow. This lightening strike is alwats a critical hit, and can not be avoided. Damage would be 200,000 on players and 400,000 on none players. HOWEVER it would give a couple of debuffs for using it aswell since it's so powerfull. Debuffs : "Returning the Favor" . The gods have lended you their strength, now you need to lend them some of your strength to renegerate theirs. ALL of your stats ( except avoidance like parry/dodge/ etc.. ) are reduced by 30% for 3minutes.

-Epic trinket from Neptunan -> "Waterious Hydrator". Both equip and use effects. Equip effect gives the user both the abilities to walk on water, and has infinite breath while diving. The use effect would allow you to "Swim in the air". You'd appear as if you were swimming, but you can fly EVEN in places you wouldn't be able to fly. Duration - 10 seconds. Cooldown - 5 minutes.

So that's it (: sorry for the enormous post. Hope peeps can read this properly and give some feedback on this dungeon idea, and hopefully others will share their ideas too !

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#7 - 2013/05/16 02:12:00 PM
I really like creative threads like this one, they're very interesting and entertaining to read.
The only inconvenience is that it makes me want to play those dungeons…

Coming up with original ideas that are feasible for a dungeon environment is not an easy task, so thanks for the effort, even if your intention is only creating something fun and entertaining for the forums, any idea brought up in here has always the possibility of ending up providing inspiration for our designers and who knows, you might even end up with a boss ability named after your character ;)

16/05/2013 08:40Posted by Johni

Love the name lol, I’m imagining them as a mix between goblins and Oompa-Loompas just because of how funny the name sounds. How would you imagine them?