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#1 - 2013/05/16 06:47:00 AM
Since theseday's the forum seems to be full of posts about toxic behavior, nasty people and what not, i've decided to start trying to do good deeds for passing strangers (and friends), just doing things for people without a underlying reason to me, puts the seed into someone else and who knows, it may catch on

This week i've carried someone round and completed relic hunter for them, rehomed loq'uehanak, took someone through tk 4 times and boosted someone a few levels to help them level.

Try it! Even if they dont say thanks, well at least you did something.

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#7 - 2013/05/16 09:49:00 AM
Eggs, as always, you are awesome <3

I have done it on occasion, but I've been wrapped up in levelling and dailies lately. You've given me the urge to go and do a good deed :)