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#1 - 2013/05/16 02:01:00 AM
Aight, for some strange reason, all of a sudden 2-3 weeks ago, my mind settled for the thought that im pretty much done with the game, despite the fact that I really like WoW a lot as it is right now..

I think it has something to do with the fact that im getting close to 30, and got a lot of other things to do, but also I remember myself thinking a bit while doing some lfr runs in ToT for a shot at some new gear, and my thought was "why am I actually doing this? whats the actual point besides this entertainment that is not really what I would actually like to do?"

During my 7 years playing WoW, ive had a blast, and so much good memories, and also met a lot of cute girls irl cause of it :) but I think I sadly just somehow lost the motivation to be playing any more somewhere along the way

I aint gonna rant about how bad the game is, or point out any fingers on any part of the game at all, cause I think its brilliant, and I absolutely love the warcraft universe, I think that I'm just getting old :P

I used to be quite active on numerous forum sections here earlier, and have gotten quite a few friends by chatting with some regular posters ingame (especially after the "lets make new friends" thread), and I must say theres a lot of very cool and nice people on these forums, and suprisingly, some of the more regular posters who do the most offensive posts, have shown to be actually the most cool, laidback and awesome players :) So, kudos to those of you, you know who you are... Hehe..

Not really sure if Ill be logging in again tho, but time will show ^^

Peace out ;)

( And no, i wont give u my gold :P )

Edit: oh, hope you guys get some solution to the server balance eventually tho :)

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#6 - 2013/05/16 09:34:00 AM
Have fun in whatever you end up doing, Tanise! Hope to see you around :)