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#1 - 2013/05/13 02:35:00 PM
Hello. These days i often see someone promoting their "World of Warcraft casino" in-game. These casinos have very basic rules and are therefore easy to understand. (The casino is a online player that is logged into the game on a character). The casino works like this. You get an invite to join the casino's group, to start the game. You trade the casino X amount of gold, you are then asked to do a /roll. If you roll 66 or lower, the casino will keep your gold, but if you roll above it, you will get twice the amount back to you. if you roll above 98 or something, you get 3 times as much gold back.
I see these casinos promoting themself on level 1 characters, equiped with a white or black shirt, a dark hat and looks very "professional". This makes me think it is a scam, since they can just logg-off their level 1 character with your gold right? and you sit there and are like "where the heck is he/she?"
So i have some questions about the casinos:

1: Is it allowed to play / make & run such a casino?
2: If the casino logges-off with your gold, when you clearly won.. can you then report the casino to a Blizzard representative in-game to get your gold back?
3: What do you Blizzard want us players to do with it?

(just a suggestion at the end here.. as we see so many players promoting their services these days. like selling Rated battleground rating, arena rating etc.. I think this will be reduced by a lot if Blizzard do not allow level 9 characters and bellow to speak in trade-chatt, general-chatt etc. WHat do you guys think?)

2nd subject is the mass guild invitations. Yes,you all have probably experienced them.
When you make a new level 1 character, you emideatly get like 10 different guild invitations followed up with a message. This message is the same to every person. There is a massive guild invite addon out there at the moment, it is called "SGI". You configure it very easly. you can set it to invite un-guilded character from Level X to level X (example: lvl 10 to 90).
The message is the same aswell, but with different names, to make it look like it is a personal message by using your character name, except the name will change by itself for every character. Do you understand what I am talking about?

I am just basically wondering if this is allowed by Blizzard to use. I've heard peopel say it is allowed, while other people say it is not. I guess it is not allowed to use it like that, but at the same time, i belive Blizzard is not going to bann the addon user, because there are so many of them.

Any thoughs?

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#6 - 2013/05/13 02:51:00 PM
1: Is it allowed to play / make & run such a casino?

Correct. If it's based on a random chance factor (such as using /roll), it is not allowed.