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#1 - 2013/05/11 02:23:00 PM
Dear Blizzard,

I was wondering when people raid and use coins, why doesn't the system SCAN for your current gear to allow a potential lootbonus via coin to be an item you don't have...

It happened to me on several characters, that when I use a coin I manage to get the same item I am already wearing....

Isn't there a possibility for a char-scan when coin is being used to ensure that the item if it's being dropped via coin will NOT match your current item incase that specific boss drops several items from which you already have one...

This will benefit EVERY class except for rogues/ frost dk's, so I guess it's better for the greater good :)


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#10 - 2013/05/11 06:25:00 PM

Please do not post thread titles all in caps, as it's against our terms and the title can be read without it :)

I have edited your thread title to make it more in line with this.

Thank you.