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#1 - 2013/05/09 09:48:00 PM
This is an ability everyone is saying is OP.

I don't see it, so could anyone please clarify what is so disturbingly overpowered about this passive defensive ability?

Tooltip currently on my alt Mage:

Protects you with fiery energy, absorbing 3,591 damage from each attack against you (up to a maximum of 30% of the attack).

Okay, okay, I get how this could kill damage from classes like Affliction Warlocks.

But what about (for example) a 90k Ambush? It's 3,591 damage, does it even manage to absorb 30% of the attack?

So what, it becomes a 87k Ambush instead?

Could someone clarify how this is OP and why I should take it over Frost Barrier?

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#12 - 2013/05/10 02:59:00 PM
09/05/2013 23:42Posted by Mírion
What about smaller hits like melee rogue damage? 30% of that gets absorbed too.
We recently made a change on the 5.3 PTR to make it so that the max absorb value equals to 15% of the mages spellpower, but no more than 30% of the total damage of the incoming attack.

So let's say a mage has 21000 spell power, Flameglow will absorb no more than 30% of the incoming attack up to the amount of 3150 damage . We hope that this change will make it so the talent continues to be attractive, but not so powerful against characters who hit more often but for less damage. Please feel free to provide us with any feedback you have about this change :)