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#1 - 2013/05/02 03:07:00 PM
^See the title! And I don't mean remogging when you get new gear, I mean changing your look.

1) All the time! I can't stop myself! It's an addiction!
2) Frequently.
3) Once in a while.
4) Rarely.
5) Never! This is my look and I'm keeping it!

I'm a (1). I change every 2-3 days usually.

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#4 - 2013/05/02 03:13:00 PM
Rarely. I'm horrible about it. I'm not good at finding the "right" set I would want to transmog. Then, when I do transmog, I get bored of the look fairly quickly. I'm just not good at planning out the "right" look. I really should spend more time (at some point) looking at transmog sites, but I'm not sure that would help either. There's too many choices! ( I should just make you all pick the one I should use. ;p )