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#1 - 2013/04/22 04:05:00 AM
warlocks get green fire, hunters get a thing to learn to tame those dinosaurs...


a rare drop of isle of bones that let druids cat forms be A DINOSAUR!!!

dino form!

So i thought that these two would be great examples of dino form!

tell me what you think, what are your opinions

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#32 - 2013/05/01 08:25:00 PM
There is even a datamined item that turns your cat form into a flame kitty (not the weapon) Burning Seed

Never made it to live though.

These items do exist in-game as of Patch 5.2.

They're difficult to find and Druids are the only ones able to loot them, but once found, they should be considered an item well earned and extremely cherished. Which was our intention in the first place.