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#1 - 2013/04/23 10:28:00 PM
Yes, political guilds.

Are they even allowed?

I know once upon a time an openly friendly LGBT was under scrutiny by Blizzard because of the obvious political implications surrounding the whole subject of. Though ironically from what I recall of it all, it was made into such more-so by the actions of Blizzard.

Why do I ask? I was wanting to make a libertarian-slanted guild so I could play with my fellow liberty-minded people. Politics tends to come up just about everywhere, period, and I'd like to be surrounded by more like-minded individuals for more heartening conversation. I figure that makes sense and shouldn't be much of a problem, just not sure of policy.

Anyone? Takers?

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#13 - 2013/04/23 11:51:00 PM
The discussion thread has been locked for going off-topic.