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#1 - 2013/04/18 12:30:00 AM
Dear Blizzard,

I know you've probably read alot of threads with QQ's but let me just add another to your precious collection.

As a player who has played WoW from the very start I have allways enjoyed the PvP aspect of the game. I know you didn't intentionally create the game to be about PvP but it is still an aspect of the game we all very much enjoy (us PvP'ers).

That being said I've allways enjoyed the damaging aspect of PvP. Trying to catch people off guard with some weird hard switch and make them go OMGWTFBBQWHATTODONOW?
Playing MoP I've never really enjoyed that aspect of the game because it's mainly all about....CC. Especially in Arena's.

I can't remember the last arena/RBG game that I didn't sit in a CC be raging at my computer because I don't have any control over my character. If I'm not in a nova, I'm in a sheep. When I'm not in a sheep I'm sitting out a stun. If I'm not sitting out a stun I'm eating a fear because my berserker rage is on cooldown or just sitting in one of dem annoying hunter traps. It just makes me go completely mad and makes me play other games such as an FPS or a football game. WHY? Because I have complete control over my character at hand and the only one I can rage on is myself or my opponent for owning me. Not the system.

The DR system is easily to be dodged and experienced players really know how to. There are even addons to time them. I even saw a video of a player being chain CC'ed for 90(!!!) seconds by a hunter and a priest. (let me just get a cup of coffee while these guys chain cc me kk?)

And this is all because of various types of CC are not on a shared DR and the DR resets very quickly.

Now this frustrated player (me) brings 2 solutions in how we could reduce the amount of CC.

1. Have all CC's on a shared DR.

2. Have all CC's being cast on enemy players be reduced by 50%

If you're with me, please help me with feedback in how we could change the amount of CC's being reduced.

If you think I'm just a whiny low rated arena warrior QQing about eating CC's then think again. I don't do arenas actively (purely for cap) because I resent doing them in the current state of the game.

I would just love to have fun in arena's again. Could I...please?


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#7 - 2013/04/18 05:02:00 PM
With regards to crowd control, we don't really feel like there is too much of it, right now. We feel that CC is integral to PvP because without it battles simply become about tunneling and burst cooldowns. This is actually another situation where the question is touched on in a bit more detail in the "Ask the Devs — The Answers" blog which we plan to post tomorrow. So be sure to keep your eyes open for that :)

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#21 - 2013/04/18 06:02:00 PM
18/04/2013 18:52Posted by Hjelpen

I think I will refer you to :)

I think I will refer you to "They don't share the same DR" l2p
Actually, Freezing trap, Sap and Gouge share the same DR. Same goes for Fear, Psychic Terror (Psyfiend fear) and the Blind disorient. Just wanted to mention that, but also that the developers briefly mention diminishing returns in the blog tomorrow as well.