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#1 - 2013/04/12 05:06:00 PM
12 months ago I renamed my character using Blizzard's paid character services.

In that time, I submitted many in game tickets reporting mainly illegal services being offered in trade, and as a regular poster on the forums have also had (Blizzard employees) "blues" post in a number of threads without any GM's or Blues ever saying "hold on, your name isn't allowed".

Playing a large number of hours per day on Kazzak (one of the largest horde realms), my name was never reported in game as not being allowed either.

Then on Sporregar from last summer to 30 Jan 2013, (the EU's lowest pop RP realm) no one reported either simply because there is virtually no one else left on Sporeggar to report anything whatsoever.

Then on 30th January of this year, even though I had hardly logged my character in almost 3 weeks while I levelled an alt, my name was suddenly hit with a rename screen upon log in.
(Almost obviously from a disgruntled forum goer who has never seen me in game on Sporeggar but disagrees with my forum views and wishes to grind an axe).

Disagreeing with the rename flag, I renamed it exactly the same in order to log in and put in an immediate in-game counter ticket explaining why I should be allowed to keep the name.

This ticket was then answered by a Blizzard Employee (a GM) who ACTUALLY AGREED I COULD KEEP the name after I also explained that there are also thousands of foreign letter named npc themed names on the WoW EU armory alone (never mind the rest of the world) and he/she removed the flag against it and let me keep the name.

(On 8th April, still on Sporeggar where there are even less people present now than in January, I was hit with another rename screen, again obviously from a forum goer who wished to harrass me on a personal level because of my forum presence).
I again renamed my character the same to log in, and put in an immediate counter ticket as before.

When answering my ticket the following day, the GM then disconnected me from the game, suspended my game account, imposed a 3 day forum ban and forcibly renamed my character by themself.
(Talk about being shot down by a laser guided nuclear missile)

Blizzard's OWN software ALLOWED me the name in the first place.
A Blizzard employee this January then DECIDED upon the matter and ALLOWED me to KEEP it.

But another employee now disagrees and imposes the sanctions listed just above.

There are very famous precedents of Blizzard allowing people to keep things that were originally obtained due to employee error.

One person is the only player in the world with a legendary neck item, because a Blizzard employee forgot to remove it from the loot table in Molten Core. But because it was a Blizzard employee who made the mistake, the player was ALLOWED to KEEP the item and still has it to this day. (It is in effect the most elite piece of gear in the game because no one else will EVER obtain it).

One person is the only player in the world with a flourescent green mechanostrider (a GM mount), because a GM gave it to him/her by mistake, but because it was a Blizzard employee who made that mistake, he/she was thus ALLOWED to KEEP it and also still has it to this day.

Especially in the case of the mount, every mount collector in the World of Warcraft would love to have that mount simply because it is singularily unique. Because of its obvious coveted value (even more coveted than the neckpiece) it is without question the most elite item in existence within the game because no one else will EVER get one.

In my case, the name Làdysylvanas is NOT unique, in fact, nowhere near.
A 5 minute look on the armory using alt 0224 through alt 0229 to obtain foreign a's brings up 1304 other people in the EU with characters effectively named Sylvanas. (Sttrangely NONE of them also reported by the user who reported me)

In an appeal to more senior staff than GM's, the reply I recieved back stated that I'm not allowed the name because people are not allowed to create npc named characters.
This is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT because as stated above there are on the EU's armory alone 1304 foreign variants PLUS 11 characters actually named Sylvanas with NO modified letters and 2 Ladysylvanas with NO modified letters.
Plus 16 Arthas with NO modified letters and an amount of foreign variants of Arthas which exceeds the 1304 of Sylvanas.
Plus 70 characters named Thedarklady (Sylvanas' other name) with NO modifications.
(Never mind the numerous permuations of which I'm not even going to attempt due to the number of foreign lettered combinations available).

This is on top of all the thousands of other players in the game who have other foreign (and even not) lettered NPCs as their names.

Here on the forums, whether one agrees with my threads/views or not, one cannot deny that I am (probably) EU's most vocal, steadfast (and some would say obsessed) Sylvanas fan.
I also play on an almost dead RP realm.
RP realms have different naming protocols to help facilitate roleplay. If a person cannot roleplay under the name Làdysylvanas on (to what is by all extents) a completely dead RP realm (in player numbers of either side), then one may as well close all the RP realms in the game altogether because it is apparent that roleplay or fun is simply not allowed in this game.
(If one can even call it a "game" anymore when one is specifically harrassed, singled out, targeted and then shot down by a laser guided nuke as outlined above).

My account has never sold illegal services, botted, wintraded or anything else. Yet many people who do, even when reported repeatedly, go untouched (probably because of subscription loss or the fear that one innocent person may be unduly punished)

Is it therefore undue harrassment and downright discrimination to at a later date have another employee with a different opinion, forcibly remove just one player's name when that name is already used by thousands of others ?

When A: One has been allowed it by the software, and it is in no way sexually, racially, ethnically or nationally offensive.
And B: When one of Blizzard's own employees upon original investigation then ALLOWED them to KEEP that name and yet due to other "mistakes" by Blizzard employees, people ARE ALLOWED to KEEP utterly unique and coveted items, (and i'm not even going to mention the amount of people who have obtained achievements incorrectly due to bugs or simple negligence, NEVER having their achievements removed at a later date unless it was for a world first kill, world first lv to max lv etc).

It's like a football team being told later down the line, "Sorry, but you know that game 2 months ago, well the goalposts are now 3 metres longer, the referee is different, he's watched the match again, and as a result the other team would have actually won 5-1 that day.
We are therefore amending that old result and relegating your side because those are the rules now and we are backdating them.

If you believe in RP on an RP realm that neither hurts or offends anyone else in the process
Believe in fairness in a game where thousands of players already have npc named characters/guilds/teams
Believe in plain common sense where a particular name isn't offending anyone or harming their gaming experience.
Or believe that if Blizzard employees make mistakes when it doesn't harm world first kills etc, that the mistakes should be allowed to stand in EACH case they are made, rather than just some of them changed later on when it suits them or simply because the goalposts have been moved.

Then I ask you to kindly support this thread, because to not do so is to say that it is right for every player in this game to NOT be treated equally and fairly by Blizzard and that it is right that plain harrassment and discrimination is allowed to run riot, perservere and win the day over plain common sense and fairness.

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#25 - 2013/04/12 07:06:00 PM
I don't think that there's anything else that needs to be added to this discussion so I am going to lock this thread. The reason your thread was moved in here in the first place was not to hide it, but rather it was moved as it was a Customer Support issue rather than something for the General Discussion section.

I appreciate you are upset Torstion but the forums are not the place to discuss actions taken against your characters or account. If you are unhappy with the way your petition was handled then you did the right thing by sending us an e-mail to the address but the name was against our policies and as such was renamed.

If you see other players who are breaking the policy then they should be reported to us and we will then take the appropriate actions.

Information about our policies can be found in our Support Article here.