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#1 - 2013/04/11 03:31:00 AM
Council of Elders
Decreased the power gain rate of possessed council members in 10-player Normal difficulty.
Frost King Malakk now deals less damage with each stack of Frostbite in 10-player Normal difficulty.
Sul the Sandcrawler now deals less damage with Sandbolt in 10-player Normal difficulty.

Reduced the health of Farraki Wastewalkers, Gurubashi Venom priests, Drakkari Frozen Warlords, and Amani Warbears in the Horridon encounter by 15% in 10-player Normal difficulty.
Drakkari Frozen Warlord now deals less damage with Mortal Strike in 10-player Normal difficulty.
Risen Drakkari Champions and Warriors now deals less damage with Deadly Plague in 10-player Normal difficulty.

Slightly reduced the health of Primordius in 10-player and 25-player Heroic difficulty.

Whirl Turtles now have a reduced base movement speed in 10-player Normal difficulty.
Vampiric Cave Bats now deal less damage in 10-player Normal difficulty.

Heart of Fear

Garalon's enrage timer has been increased to 12 minutes, up from 7 minutes in 10-player

Seriously :(?

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#29 - 2013/04/11 06:18:00 PM
I dont understand the nerfs to fights pre megera, because when people killed the nerfd bosses and then get to the unnerfd megera people are just gonna wipe on that all day

The developers do adjust fights based on the numbers and data they're seeing. You're assuming people will wipe on Megaera, which doesn't have to be the case, particularly since they'll have 4 bosses to get gear from and better prepare for that fight.

Also, although it's mentioned in the blog, I know some people won't check it there, the change to Garalon's enrage affects only normal mode and both 10 & 25-man modes. Heroic remains unchanged.