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#1 - 2013/04/09 05:31:00 PM
Yes? No? Agree?

Imo most of the talents just suck. I play a BM hunter on the PTR and it sux I have no talents wich make my pet more powerful. I'd much rather have an ability wich causes my pet to attack 40% faster than a talent wich occasionally makes my next 3 arcane shots free. Or an ability wich gives me permanently access to 2 pets for reduced damage. Or a talent wich makes my Beast Master melee in exchange for some ranged damage, like in WC3 the beastmaster was melee.

So why can't the talents just be cool instead of being arbitary DPS, CC or trivial survivability increases? Soloing the new rares on pandaria with 2% hp per 2 sec is fun, but that's nothing new, that's a talent wich we alraedy used to have. Did the WoW devs simply start to run out of ideas towards the end of the dev cycle?

The fun factor of clicking new talent every level in the old talents provided was way more fun than the fun provided by the current ones. Let's take a look for the tier 5 abilities for the shaman class.

Healing tide totem, wich is non-mobile with a GCD, useless in PvP.
Ancestral guidance, turns some damage for healing. Why does this ability even have a cooldown? This should be passive in order to interest me in any shape or form.
And last but not least, conductivity. Wtf is this talent about? Why does it require standing in healing rain to take effect? I took this talent becouse at least it's a passive and don't clutter my active spell pages like the other 2 useless ones. However one can only look at it's uselessness. Do Blizzard devs honestly except ench to be excited about dropping a healing circle?? Or even ele shammies. Would be glad to know.

One can only wonder what lead to these decisions to be made. Does anyone at the Blizzard offices play ench and realize that this is a problem? I don't play hybrid class becouse it's a hybrid. I enjoy ench couse it's kind of like DK, spell damage and melee damage mixed, and I would like to play that without being forced to use arbitary healing talents.

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#30 - 2013/04/10 05:17:00 PM
If we could encase the old talent tree in a bubble and ignore everything else in the game, sure, some of those choices probably could've been interesting, trading some damage for survivability (for instance) and things like that. But the fact is there was a single cookie cutter build (perhaps with slight changes) and if you didn't pick it, you were gimping your character for whichever objective you had in mind.

There was no real choice if you wanted to be optimal. Of course, you can argue that it's more fun to pick a flat damage increase than picking between three personal defensive cooldowns, sure.

If you look at the new talents, however, you can chose the one of each tier that you prefer the most based on your personal preferences. Take, for example, the second tier of druid talents: all three choices are related to healing, but each one allows you to do different things. Even if you are a DPS, you might want to pick Renewal to avoid dying during a rough moment of your raid, or you might want to pick Cenarion Ward to help your raid when several targets require quick intervention without putting even more pressure on your healers.

If you move down another row, you have crowd control choices, and all of them can be useful depending on what you do.

The same applies to other talents and classes. Sure, you might not be picking 10% damage increases anymore, but this system does grant you the ability to freely choose whatever suits your play style and add that to your arsenal of spells.