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#1 - 2013/04/09 07:20:00 AM
DISCLAIMER: I was admittedly very angry when I first posted this. The only reason that I leave it in its original state instead of editing it, is that there are some points to be made there. I implore you to continue reading into the thread as there is some very good discussion later on as to how to combat the issue that is our declining community ethics.

Thank you.

Day in and day out, VOLATILE, ANGRY, CAUSTIC, DISGUSTING people log on to play this game. There is supposed to be some sort of moderation set forth.

This anonymity has killed, DESTROYED any sort of sense of responsibility and accountability this game had. And yeah it used to have that. Before CRZ, before server xfers, before faction change, before name change, back to the bare essentials, people were held responsible for their hideous, horrible actions.

No im not here as a "Vanilla-tard" saying it needs to go back to how it used to be, but when I ultimately quit after the coming on 9 years ive played this game its going to 90% be because of the cesspool this community has become.

Its not all of you. There is still many people worth being around, playing with. But the moderation has gone out the window.

But, I know how this works. if i were to get a blue reply, it would say something along the lines of "You complain about the problem but give no way to fix it. How can we help to alleviate this issue?"

For one, we used to have chat moderators. Im not saying that we should have that back but chat needs to be policed. Thats where this hate mongering starts. If its seen that its not ok in chat, or that its no LONGER ok in chat these people will stop elsewhere I believe, for they will see thats they're actions have ACTUAL consequences. ALSO, i dont know how many strikes there are for ill actions taken IN-GAME but there is a three strike rule in effect on the forum.
THAT needs to happen in game also.

This may very well be my last post. I had 2/3 strikes on this forum for some time. The previous 2 posts that got me reported were for the exact same thing. Im sick and tired of whats been allowed to happen to our community due to not being held accountable.

So if im to be banned from the forums after this post, so be it. But GONE are the days where I just sit back and let this filth happen in my game. If I have to fight fire with fire I will. I will self-moderate. Someone has to.

Incoming hate replies i.e. "QQ moar" "Feed me tears" etc etc etc. These replies further reinforce my point.

If you dont have anything to add to the conversation be it for or against any additional moderation in an intellectual sense, you're part of the problem. No room for ignorant replies here.

Flame away.


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#166 - 2013/04/09 02:52:00 PM
This has gotten entirely out of hand.

To answer the question - yes, yes you DO moderate your own realms, that is done via the report features which are easier to use now than ever.

And just to correct a statement in the OP's first post - We have NEVER 'moderated' realms, ever. Sometimes hotspots may receive a little attention, but that tends to cause more issues than it solves.

We have ALWAYS, always relied on player reports to investigate violations of our codes of conduct for language and harassment.

There are nearly 300 realms in North America alone. Two factions and many dozens of subchannels each. How a staff - no matter what the size can be expected to 'moderate' communication between players boggles my mind every time I see it suggested.

I'll be closing this one now.