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Form 10-K
Annual Report

Filed Feb 22, 2013

Blizzard's net revenues increased for 2012 as compared to 2011, primarily due to the release of Diablo III in May 2012 and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria in September 2012. The increase in net revenues was partially offset by lower subscription revenues from World of Warcraft due to a lower subscriber base.

At December 31, 2012, the worldwide subscriber* base for World of Warcraft was approximately 9.6 million, down from a base of more than 10 million subscribers at September 30, 2012, and approximately 10.2 million subscribers at December 31, 2011, with the majority of the decline from the East (where the "East" includes China, Taiwan, and Korea, and the "West" includes North America, Europe and Latin America).

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#110 - 2013/04/08 10:05:00 PM
04/08/2013 01:03 PMPosted by Deathrattles
You're point? WoW is still doing well compared to it's aclaimed "killers" GW2, Tera and SWTOR all which went F2P except for GW2 which already was. I'm not seeing a single point in this whole OP.

Other than lost jobs? Or are they still employing the same amount of people that they did when they had 12 million?

The WoW development team has more members now than ever before! :)

You're seeing less time between content cycles as we continue to grow and essentially restructure our production pipeline, so that some designers within each WoW development team can focus on alternating patches. Mind you, there's no black-and-white divide in the team -- everyone's contributing in some way to each patch and expansion -- but we can have members from each team focused sharply on 5.3, while others are already working hard on 5.4 and beyond.

This fact alone leaves me very curious to hear exactly what argument the OP has here...

04/08/2013 12:18 PMPosted by Barkloud
Because they ain't being paid to make sure the game stagnates in place as long as possible.

They are being paid to maximize profit. I would argue at this point they are definitely paid to make sure this games stagnates as long as possible.

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#127 - 2013/04/08 10:37:00 PM
The way the bait glistened on that strange, pointy object was so enticing!