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#1 - 2013/04/08 11:48:00 AM
Hey all, I have only been a WoW player since the started of Cataclysm but I know that Vanilla has a great reputation and loads of players want it to come back to WoW. As a sort of bystander, I was just wondering what the best things about it were? Maybe stick 5 bullet points in to illustrate your ideas :)

Thanks, looking forward to hearing what you say :)

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#32 - 2013/04/08 03:35:00 PM
It was New, it was different, it had the Warcraft following...but above all....Rose tinted glasses.

I personally think this sums it up pretty well.

The game was very fresh at the time, and there were not many other games like it when it was new.

Also, the very good memories some people have from back in the earlier days of the game makes people feel very nostalgic, and this can serve as a strong motivator for requesting classic realms. We understand as well as acknowledge these strong memories and nostalgic feelings that some people have, but as we have explained previously, we feel the continued evolution and progress of the game is what is best for World of Warcraft.